Welcome to Thai Siam!

Thai Siam is a prime example of success through word of mouth. Many loyal patrons will describe their discovery either as complete happenstance or first being told by an enlightened friend… the kind of friend that grips your arm, looks you straight in the eyes and states very emphatically: “You NEED to try this.” They hold your gaze in silence for a moment and, just for good measure, hammer the point home: “Really… go.”

All such exchanges include addressing the inevitable question: “wait… it’s where again?”. Located off a side road in what most non-locals simply refer to as “the middle of nowhere”, Thai Siam has been winning loyal customers far and wide for over ten years. Ms. Mae and her brother, both natives of Thailand, prepare the food fresh daily using the recipes taught to her by her mother. The location, a white, almost barn-like wooden frame building makes far more sense when people learn that it was the antique shop owned and operated by her late husband. After his death, she added a commercial kitchen and began offering primarily take-out followed later by a few tables, both indoors and out.

Over ten years later, Thai Siam continues to operate as they always have: richly flavored, home-cooked Thai cuisine from family recipes, prepared by a sister and brother team using fresh, authentic ingredients. Most orders are take-out and, while seating is available on-site, wait times can vary. It’s always best to phone ahead as it’s not unusual, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, for them to reach capacity on orders by late in the afternoon. Repeat customers with an uncontrollable desire for rich curries and flavorful noodles know this secret and always plan ahead.